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Aimtec Technologies, is quickly turning into one of the most trusted temperature mapping and validation services for firms in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical equipment industries. Temperature validation studies are critical, as they provide facts regarding firms’ controlled environments and processes, there by ensuring that they comply with the latest Good Manufacturing Practices. Our temperature mapping services and equipment qualification services can be help you meet your validation needs. If you have any questions about what we do, or if you would like to set-up a time for one of our specialists to visit your facility, call our helpful customer service department at your earliest convenience.


Using a combination of NABL traceable calibrated equipment and state-of-art 21 CFR Part 11 data acquisition systems, Aimtech provides extensive temperature & humidity testing.

The data acquisition system used by our validation and calibration engineers provides the ability to autometically monitor and record data from all equipment at a time which causes minimum disruption to your process.


• Autoclaves
• Coolers
• Cryogenic Freezers
• Depyrogenation Ovens
• Dry Heat Ovens
• Freezers
• Incubators
• Lyophilizers
• Ovens
• Refrigerators
• Stability Chambers
• Ultra Low Temperature (ULT) Freezers
• Vacuum Ovens


Using define standard templates we generate comprehensive validation report that will allow omplance with FDA requirements.


Using define standard templates we generate comprehensive validation report that will allow omplance with FDA requirements.
- Hot and cold spots
- Power Outages
- Effect of door openings
- Effect of introducing goods
- Time until recovery of set temperature

How we Validate : WAREHOUSE

We use accurate and reliable data acquisition system to perform temperature & humidity mapping in warehouse.

The data acquisition system records the data for & this data is then retrived and downloaded to derive reports which identifies the potential of Hot or Cold Spots such as windows or HVAC vents.

How we Validate : AUTOCLAVE

We use wireless or wired loggers to perform Empty chamber-heat, loaded chamer and heat penetration study to provide report which includes the F0 (Kill factor).


Stability chambers are held at 250 , 60% RH & 400 , 75% RH. We have option of using wireless as well as wired data loggers to map & identify the hot or cold spots resulting in saving time & money in products and samples.

Validation Report

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